Sunday 13 September 2009

sighting in a rifle

There appear to be two schools in sighting in a rifle:
1) sight in your rifle to the optimum sighting-in distance, which assumes that your targets don't care whether you shoot them 4cm higher or lower than what you are aiming for.
2) sight in your rifle to 100m and use a ballistics table or a ballistic tower on your scope for adjustment of distance according to what you have measured.

The problem that I see with 1) is that you are basically adding those 8 cm to your own errors, so that your shot distribution is not going to look like this:

with the half circle at the top being your margin of error at the shorter range where you will be @ +4cm and the larger circle on the bottom your margin of error when you are at the longer range where -4cm applies. Whether you are prepared to accept that is IMO dependent on how good a shot you are and whether you'll be able to keep this in mind when you are shooting at a fox for instance where even the 8cm may be slightly pushing it.

For myself I have decided against this and am planning to get myself a Leupold scope with the bullet drop correction dials, which they will custom make for your load. This requires a rangefinder, but hey, that is a sensible thing to get anyway.

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