Monday 14 September 2009

And again cartridge ...

Well, i spent the last few days looking around and reading and I found that there is company in New Zealand that makes over the barrel moderators. Now this I consider very useful since it keeps the length of the rifle at a reasonable level and also they can be made quite thin if the cartridge is not too massive. So I talked to the guys at JMS Arms (warning, use IE for this link) and they suggested that .338 WM needs a 32mm wide over the barrel moderator. I asked about .338 federal and 8.5x63 Reb and he said he'd ask. I have been looking at .338 federal, which is a necked up .308 winchester where he said he was reasonably sure it would work with a 25mm over the barrel mod.

Now that would be nifty :)

.338 federal means that i should likely not over 250m with KJG but from my current shooting I am not convinced that i shoud shoot that far anyway ;)

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