Thursday 5 November 2009

cheap custom rifle

I actually handled a rfile of the same model as I have ordered for the first time this weekend, and got to dry fire it once. The Savage Accutrigger is sweet piece of kit. This has got me thinking. I have kinda made up my mind that I want a custom rifle as my first fullbore rifle. This was looking like 2,500 € from Mayerl with a blueprinted Remington 700 system, match trigger, Lothar Walther barrel (I think), Coate varmint stock and moderator.

After handling that rifle I started thinking. What if I were to get a Savage 116 action, a 338-06 barrel and a Coate or Ross stock? Then add a PES over the barrel moderator. Given the ridiculously low prices of Savage parts this should be affordable. I'm going to have to hand import a lot of this stuff though.