Sunday 21 August 2011

Technique, technique, technique, technique

I spent several hours today with a friend working on zeroing the scope again and again and working on my technique. Several things i have learned over the last few days:

  • start where the scope is too close and move backwards
  • have your head upright - if need be, bring your chin down on the stock and then move downwards
  • find the brightest spot with no shades at all. The two above techniques are basically just helps with that

I have also finally sanded down the part of the stcok where the barrel was touching on the left hand side, so now it is finally free. I managed to get some nice groups today, so I am beginning to feels mildly optimistic about my shooting. I definitely feel less adrift. I ended the day on a group of three around the Bull's Eye - covering maybe the area of a 0.5€ coin.

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