Tuesday 12 April 2011

The Savage has been fixed.

Oh and boy does she shoot. As to the problem: turns out that the extractor consists of cheap pressed pieces. A mechanical wizard friend of mine got her working in two hours and now she extracts without any major problems. I fired ~180 rounds last Sunday and had to maybe repeat again for 5 of them and had to extract one with the knife. This is very acceptable.

She is also by now proudly wearing a moderator and a guns sling. I'll post a piccie shortly.

I also had gotten confused about how to use a scope properly which got explained to me last Sunday and wohei all of a sudden my scores are improving majorly :D

I have also gotten an invite to go after rabbits in Wexford and am working on shooting permissions at a colleague's family's neighbour. Chuffed I am.

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