Tuesday 15 December 2009

OkOK, 338-06 AI it is ...

I hope  have bored everybody to tears by now ;) While looking at cartridges I kept returning to the .338-06 Ackley Improved and I think that'll be the one. Since I want a custom rifle anyway it is no major hassle and it gives a bit more oomph, especially with single base powders. These I want in order to avoid muzzle flash when shooting at night. why that? Well the problem with muzzle flash is not so much that you get seen, but that you get blinded and can't actually see your prey for a few seconds.

Also this gives me > 750 m/s out to more than 250 m which really should be sufficient. 750 m/s is the speed that the KJG needs in order to open properly.

Also the .338-06 AI uses a long action which means that since I want a Savage action I can simply get a 110 for which aftermarket stocks are plentyful.

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