Sunday 4 October 2009

updates on own rifle

I have finished joining a gun club, it is Hilltop. I will probably not end up buying my equipment there, as I am particular about stuff and they don't appear to be good at accommodating stuff that is out of the ordinary. Also their prices are high. I got my gun safe 60 € cheaper elsewhere.

I am ending up buying not a .17 HMR, but a .22 lr, since not a lot of ranges in the country are actually certified for anything bigger than .22 lr. hence my rifle is the Savage Mark II BTVS. I have the serial number, most of the other stuff, 2 references - BTW they will likely be called, so one should warn them ;) I was bemused to read in the shooting boards how people were outraged that their references were actually called and. Guys it is called 2reference" not "names of parson or teacher I know the name and address of".

Oh and I am buying the gun in Norn Iron, since a) the guy could deliver faster and b) it is cheaper, £580 vs €800 from a shop in Cavan.

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